Compliance and monitoring for your 3rd party safety verification services can be time consuming for most business owners and initial set up for ISN includes approximately 200 questions to answer and uploading of your current safety policies, insurance and WCB reports.

Your clients may require you to have a membership with ISNetworld, Complyworks, Avetta or other 3rd party providers. We can work with you to setup and maintain all your compliance accounts.

We offer

1. Account Setup

  • Questionnaire Completion
  • Load Safety Policies, Insurance Certificates, WCB information
  • 24-48 hour ISNetworld® account development and submission

2. RAVS® Programs

  • 100% Approved Safety Program RAVS® tailored for your company and and ISNetworld® account

3. Account Maintenance

  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with all client requirements
  • Review Client Bulletins and Online Training and provide information for you
  • Update RAVS® as required
  • Load COIs, and WCB information
  • Update Statistics

We provide competitive pricing and are happy to provide an annual rate for all compliance monitoring and RAVS updates.