Safety Consulting & Management

Key to Safety Inc. provides support services to companies that assist with the management of their health and safety programs. This service is beneficial to companies of all sizes, ranging from the full support of your management system to providing back-up services for your in house HSE team.

The importance of safety

A properly designed safety system is very important to the success of a company and results in reduced risk, loss prevention, cost reduction and, most importantly, ensuring a safe workplace for your largest environment — your employees.

Safety Management System & Program Development

  • Health & Safety Management program development
  • Gap analysis of current health & safety programs to determine compliance with standards
  • Development of forms for field-level hazard assessments, inspections, and as required.
  • Assess potential emergency scenarios and develop Emergency Response Plans, Fire and Rescue Plans.
  • Develop and provide tracking systems to complete maintenance and inspections on a regular basis.
  • Set up digital platforms for safety documentation and tracking of employee training.


  • Evaluate and develop new hire orientations to meet compliance with company requirements along with OHS and COR standards.
  • Monitor and track employee certifications to meet training standards, including refresher training and client orientations.
  • Create safety meeting agendas and conduct meetings to meet the company schedule. 

Investigations & Inspections

  • Assist with incident investigations to identify root causes and implement corrective actions to prevent future incidents.
  • Perform inspections to ensure worksites meet company standards and legislative requirements for all work areas, such as a shop, office, yard and field sites.
  • Work with management to develop strategic planning and follow through for ongoing improvements to the health and safety management system.

Our compliance process is designed to work with owners and management to ensure ongoing safety improvements to meet COR/SECOR standards, including legislation that is specific to your company and your client’s standards. 

Let our experience help you to develop and implement a Safety Management System designed to fit your business requirements.

In collaboration with your leadership team, we will develop a program that will enhance and promote the health and safety of your employees.

All of our safety systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed the rules, regulations, and standards of:

  • OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulations and Codes)
  • ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association Standards)
  • COR/SECOR (Certificate of Recognition Program)
  • WCB & WorkSafe BC
  • Transportation Act of Alberta

How This Service Can Help You

Key to Safety will provide services that are tailored to your business needs. We will provide you with a foundation that will grow and adapt for your workforce, as well as to meet the needs of your clients.