Safety when it counts

Key to Safety Inc. is an Alberta-owned, women-led team of safety professionals who are committed to providing customized health and safety services.

Key to Safety Inc. is a women-led group that prioritizes safety above everything else. Whether observed or unobserved, safety is of utmost importance. By making the right choices, we can ensure a safer today and tomorrow. Safety is a collaborative effort that involves learning from our experiences and finding solutions rather than assigning blame. This approach helps us to improve safety for everyone. Safety is what defines us both at home and in the workplace.

Safety Support Awareness Focus Educate Teamwork Because we care

S – Support
A – Awareness
F – Focus
E – Educate
T – Teamwork
Y – Because we care

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of all front-line workers and inspire them to perform their jobs safely.

Key Values

Our Team

Digital Marketing Manager and HSE Administrator

Safety Administrator

Safety Consultant